Victim Assistance

Upon request from victims, the Clermont County Victim Assistance Office provides direct services to a felony and misdemeanor crime victims in the criminal court system. Please call 513-732-7979 for assistance.

 Services that are offered include:

  1. Explanation of court procedures
  2. Notification of court hearings and case status
  3. Courtroom support services including accompaniment
  4. Assistance in trial preparation
  5. Referrals to applicable community resources and social service agencies
  6. Assistance with filing victims of crime compensation claims
  7. Separate waiting area for victims and witnesses’
  8. Assistance in filing for civil stalking/sexually orientated protection orders
  9. Information regarding VINE, Ohio’s victim notification service

Eligible Victims: All Felony crimes against people and property that have occurred within Clermont County and the following misdemeanor crimes:

Important Telephone Numbers
Ohio Victims of Crime Compensation 1-877-584-2846
House of Peace (Shelter) 513-753-7281
National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7223
YWCA (Court Advocacy) 513-732-0450
Child Support Enforcement 513-732-7248
Legal Aid (Clermont) 513-241-9400
Child Focus 513-752-1555
Beech Acres 513-231-6630
24 Hour Crisis Hotline 513-248-0421
Suicide Hotline 513-281-2273
Parents of Murdered Children 513-721-5683
Mothers Against Drunk Driving 513-769-6800