Marsy’s Law



Information page can be found here.

To register for notifications about the release or escape of an offender please register here for VINE. 

As a victim of crime, you have constitutionally protected rights. These rights are detailed by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Crime Victim Services at or by calling 800-582-2877.

Some rights are automatic. *Some rights require your request.

The information page provides important information about your rights. This form is NOT a public record. If you are a victim of an offense of violence or sexually oriented offense, a criminal justice official will review this form with you and ask you to complete this form so that criminal justice officials know which rights you wish to exercise. The criminal justice official will provide you a copy of the form.

Criminal justice officials will provide victims of all other offenses information on how to complete the form electronically or provide a printed form, upon request.

Requesting and Enforcing Your Rights

o      PLEASE NOTE: If you are a victim of an offense of violence or a sexually oriented offense and you do not complete the form or
request your rights at first contact with law enforcement, you will be automatically opted in to all “upon request” rights until you are contacted by the prosecutor. Once contacted by a prosecutor, you will no longer be opted in and you must request your rights in order to exercise them.

Appointing a Victim Representative

Privacy and Safety


Compensation and Restitution