Four Defendants. Amanda Philpot


Clermont County Prosecutor Mark J. Tekulve Announces Tampering with Evidence and Abuse of a Corpse Indictments against Four Individuals


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July 1, 2021                                                                                                                        (513) 732-7263

On July 1, 2021, the Grand Jury of Clermont County indicted four individuals relating to the death of Goshen Township resident, Amanda Philpot, 26. The indictments are as follows:

James J. Thompson, Milford, Ohio                             Tampering with Evidence, Gross Abuse of a Corpse, Permitting Drug Abuse

Jeffrey C. Payne, Loveland, Ohio                                 Tampering with Evidence, Gross Abuse of a Corpse

Charles Andre Dion Lykins, Loveland, Ohio             Tampering with Evidence, Gross Abuse of a Corpse

Michael Anthony Young, Goshen, Ohio                    Tampering with Evidence, Gross Abuse of a Corpse


After receiving information regarding the location of missing person, Amanda Philpot, Miami Township Police Department responded to a location in Brown County, Ohio ultimately locating and discovering she was deceased.


All four individuals were indicted as co-defendants on counts of Tampering with Evidence (Felony III) and Gross Abuse of a Corpse (Felony V). They are accused of participating in disposing the body of a deceased person. It is alleged that the victim’s cell phone was also destroyed in an attempt to prevent her from being located.


Defendant James J. Thompson was also indicted on one count of Permitting Drug Abuse (Felony 5). If convicted on all counts, Thompson faces the possibility of five years in prison. The other three co-defendants face a maximum possibility of four years in prison.


Warrant on Indictments have been issued for each defendant.



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