1. Investigation
    1. In June 2021, the first official Investigator was hired. An investigator, defined by statute, performs many valuable duties for the office. These include can include locating and interviewing victims and witnesses, serving subpoenas, attending crime scenes with the prosecutor, assisting in the preparation of cases for grand jury and trial, etc.
  2. Administration
    1. The Clermont County Prosecutor’s office employs an administrative staff of 14 employees. The Chief of Administrative Operations oversees all administrative staff, including the victim assistance program. This team includes administrative assistants, victim advocates and paralegals.
  3. Victim Assistance Program

The Victim Assistance Program, a division of the Clermont County Prosecutors’ Office, has served victims of crime in Clermont County since 1986. A staff of five Victim Advocates provide services in Clermont County Common Pleas (Felony), Municipal (Misdemeanor), and Juvenile Court.

The Victim Assistance Program provides direct services to all victims of felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile crime throughout the criminal justice process. Please call (513) 732-7979 or (513) 732-7810 to speak to an advocate.